Machinefabriek L. Straatman was established in 1902 in The Netherlands. The company rapidly grew in the market of steam boiler construction and ship repair. Through the years, Straatman developed sophisticated products for the dredging, fabrication, oil & gas and maritime industry.

Straatman is well known for its high quality and reliable quick release mooring & towing equipment and related solutions.


The “safety first” philosophy of worldwide clients led to advanced solutions. All components of our quick release hooks are designed with safety in mind:

  • Our hooks can swivel freely, ensuring complete spark-free operation!
  • The electrical equipment is fully certified for hazardous environments (if required)!
  • Our hooks and capstans can be operated without being in the danger zone!
  • Smart designs result in a safe, effortless and easy operation of the hooks and capstans!
  • Integration with a mooring load monitoring system and a berthing aid system will reduce risks!


At the factory in the Netherlands, Straatman has in-house design, engineering, production and testing facilities so as to have full control over the entire production process. This is the main reason why Straatman is able to fully assure the quality of its products. Furthermore, the following aspects add value to the quality of our quick release hooks:

  • Highly educated and certified employees!
  • Selection of the right materials, which can be proven by material certificates!
  • Non-destructive tests of all welds!
  • All hooks are tested at our calibrated testing machine!
  • Tests can be witnessed by a classification authority!
  • Continuous development and improvement of our products and production methods on the basis of best practices and feedback from clients!


For more than 25 years, Straatman produces quick release mooring and towing hooks in its own factory in the Netherlands. During this period, our hooks have been installed all over the world in several kinds of industries. Our products have proven their worth in practice, as Straatman became a leading manufacturer of mooring and towing solutions.

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Straatman has a global network of agents and distributors, allowing us to supply our products, services and maintenance at any time and any place! As each component is designed and produced in our own factory, all of our spare parts can be delivered from stock.